Leonard Ragouzeos  |  Painter
Artist/painter/educator Leonard Ragouzeos is a transplanted New Yorker, currently living and working in Newfane, Vermont.

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About Leonard Ragouzeos

Leonard Ragouzeos' artwork shifts periodically from pure abstract painting, rich in color and formal relationships, to highly realistic, large black and white portraiture and still-life drawings and paintings in ink, dense in emotional content and illuminated by an almost baroque light. Galleries of Ragouzeos’ art within the site illustrate abstract as well as representational works in various media including, India ink, gouache and encaustics, and wood. The site also contains essays by Ellen Slupe, Scot Borofsky, and J. Susan Isaacs. Leonard gives workshops in Calligraphy and has included samples of his calligraphy and lettering on the site. His artwork has been compared to such artists as Chuck Close, Brice Marden and Sean Scully.